About us

We are Blessed Subs, a subbing group that started in 2019 with the ambitious goal to sub the full version of Nogizaka World Trip. After this large project we have expanded our subs to other shows as well. We mostly focus on the 46 branch, but we might occasionally branch out to other idol material.

Blessed Subs is a group with three core values: quality, equality and fun.

We focus on quality rather than speed, and we don’t work with deadlines. A sub is done when its done and we’ll release it when we are satisfied. We want the best possible translations that are pleasant to the eye as well.

Within the team, there is no hierarchy or leadership. Decisions are made democratically and everyone’s opinions are taken into consideration.

Above all, even though it is hard work, we want to have fun. We work on what we like, be it new stuff or old material that was never picked up before. Whatever we feel like.

Would you like to join the team as a timer, typesetter or translator? Send us an e-mail!

Blessed Subs are: