Sasaki Kotoko 2nd 46 Hour TV Segment

Sasaki Kotoko’s segment from the 2nd 46 Hour TV, in which she solves the problems of the members close to her!


This sub is a collaboration with Depressing Subs, so make sure to check out their website for more subs and translations.

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One thought on “Sasaki Kotoko 2nd 46 Hour TV Segment

  1. Whoaaa, i think this is so good.
    I like her, the second girl in Recomen’s ranking of beautiful woman from their face only segment.
    No.1 is Maiyan
    No.2 is Kotoko

    I think its and airdrop from the voters but its for 2 year consecutively. I just like her and Suzuki

    Totally happy to see this segment from 46H TV has sub 🙂


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