19 thoughts on “Nogizaka World Trip Hawaii Day 1

  1. Thank you!
    Can i translate your work to my Languange? Of course i will put the credit~~

    p.s: sorry if my previous comment already in.


  2. Thank you for the hardwork 🙂
    its great to see this World Tour got sub for it.

    The sub is great, are you sure this is your 1st project 😀
    Will looking forward to the next update !!

    Totally appreciate your sub, Cheers~


  3. Sorry, i meant really, not actually. (Sorry for my mistakes in english,Is not my mother language)


  4. Are you guys planning to sub other Sakamichi video as well in the future or you guys is more focusing on Nogi?


  5. Looking forward for day 2 .
    I hope you can also translate Hori x Kitano in New Caledonia next because AshuMina in Spain is already subbed.

    Anyway, may i ask the one with Yamashita is not released yet right?
    Thank you in advance.


    1. Hopefully day 2 won’t be too much longer. The plan is to hopefully do the Hori/Kitano episode but it wouldn’t be for a while. I don’t believe the Yamashita episode has been shown, maybe it’s part of season 2 if they have one.


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